Livetech are a responsive, dynamic web development company based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Established in 2000, we are totally focused on providing effective web sites of all kinds, designer developed from our dedicated design studio suite.

Featured Sites

Livetech have participated on some major projects, which feature unique technologies. Below are some examples, with a link to the sites in question.


Network Yacht Brokers

Network Yacht Brokers combines a high end design with a powerful database. This site links together 8 regional offices and allows them to share their expensive stock amongst each other and the sailing community as a whole.


To visit Network Yacht Brokers:


North Wales Tourism

North Wales Toruism has an extensive Database Driven website, that utilises existing databases on North Wales Tourist locations, as well as adding a Content Management system for current events.


In a short space of time, the North Wales Tourism has become one of the most popular and extensive sites for tourism in North Wales


To visit North Wales Tourism:


Buckley Industrial

Buckley Industrial's website is a extensive content management system allowing users to update the site without input from us. By utilising this method, Buckley are confident that any changes made do not effect the design of the site. So the site is almost completely autonomous with little input required from us.

To visit Buckley Industrial: