Livetech are a responsive, dynamic web development company based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Established in 2000, we are totally focused on providing effective web sites of all kinds, designer developed from our dedicated design studio suite.

Case Studies

We have designed a number of sites for a number of different sectors, and are keen to work with companies from any area of business. We can recognise what certain sectors require and can provide efficient solutions for your business.


As an example, we have provide case studies for a number of sites we've worked on, one from each sector. These can be accessed from the sector's individual pages, or from here.


Construction Sector - A W Jones
Working with the construction sector we found that they are typically after web sites that are small in size, yet can be found easily, and full of only relevent information. An example of which is the A W Jones site. The full case study is available here.


Creative Industry - Ark Design
Livetech have worked with a number of companies in the creative sector. The Creative Industry usually demands sites that showcase the company's own design skills, often in the website itself. It's often our responsibility to make sure that the website produced is fully accessible and also the design adds to, rather than detracts from the content. An example of this is the Ark Design website, and the full case study is available here.


Health Care - Healthy Prestatyn
Livetech have worked with a number of companies that are linked to Health Care. For these organisations, we've identified that simple, clear layout that accentuate the important information and advice is the best methodology. Healthy Prestatyn - a scheme to improve the well being of the residents of Prestatyn - is a website that uses this methodology effectively. The full case study is located here.


Motor Trade - Sea View Garage
We have worked with the motor trade for a number of years, they've typically demanded low cost of entry, a method for dealers to maintain the site themselves by adding stock, easy interface, responsive technical support and a full choice of extra custom features. We have developed EditLive Autos™, which takes advantage of all these features. An example of a site that fully utilises Editlive Autos™ is Sea View Garage, the full case study for this is located here.


Entertainment Industry - Dylan Carnyw
We have worked with numerous artists and performers, so we are well aware of what an artist needs. Often they demand sites that are media rich. By combining their talents, and our web know-how, we are able to produce a website that further broadens the artists' audience. Dylan Cernyw is a Welsh Harpist which showcases what we can achieve for artists everywhere, no matter what their field, the full case study for this is located here.


Professional Services - Gardner Salisbury
We have worked with a number of businesses in the professional area and understand a similarly professional approach is needed by ourselves to deliver a clean, crisp website. An example is the Gardner Salisbury website, who we worked with as well as Unity Creative in developing this website, the full case study for this is located here.


Retail Sector -
We have worked with a number of businesses in the retail sector. We understand that the ultimate goal for any retailer is the ability to sell their goods online. With a number of e-commerce solutions, we have achieved strong results with a number of clients. One of those is UKTobacco, a tobacconist based in Colwyn Bay, the full case study for this is located here.


Information Technology - b2 Business Systems
A number of IT companies contact us regarding the design of their websites. We also administrate other sections that the IT Industry usually demands, such as file hosting and newsletter features. B2 Business Systems is an example of somebody who uses our newsletter service, the full case study for this is located here.


Tourism - Anglesey Sea Zoo
Livetech have a huge success rate in designing websites for all aspects of the Tourism Industry. Attractions, Guest Houses, Hotels and even North Wales Tourism have hugely benefitted from Livetech's expertise. Anglesey Sea Zoo is an example of one of our many success stories in this area, the full case study for this is located here.