A web hosting company in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Established in 2000, we have a range of appropriate web hosting solutions to meet small and medium size business requirements.

Web Site Hosting


Every website needs a place to live. At Livetech, we have been playing host to many websites for years. Thought our experience in this area we have developed a fantastic range of Hosting packages designed to provide just the right amount of features your website requires. We are also able to tailor our hosting services to meet whatever your requirements may be.


Most of our clients utilise one of our 3 preconfigured hosting options. Hoever you can always add on individual options to any hosting deal without having to upgrade the whole package. The details of these follow :-


Option 1 - Basic

- Unlimited space

- 5 POP3 Mailboxes

- 1 Domain name renewed each year for free

Cost £140 pa


Option 2 - Enhanced (as Option 1 but to include)

- Robust Anti Spam filtering and email virus protection

- 10 POP3 mailboxes

- Use of our Editlive facility - update an area of the website yourself.

Cost £195 pa


Option 3 - Enhanced + (as Option 2 but to include)

- Complete website management, allowing you to easily update and edit every page and image etc on your website

Cost £280 pa


Add ons

- POP3 Mailboxes - £5 pa per box

- Editlive facility - £40 pa

- Email Spam and Virus protection - £35 pa

- Web site Managment - £120 pa

Secure Server with Shared Certificate

If you are selling online it is essential that you have a secure server for all checkout and ordering pages.
Cost an addtional £120 pa. on top of the chosen hosting package.