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Retail Sector

Retail sector

Online retail has grown massively over the last few years and we have grown our technology and approaches during that time. Our approach is to get every shop self financing as soon as possble and we undertake consultancy wit the client before agreeing to commence the project. Very often the project is restructured as a result of our input. One thing that we have found is that a coordinated approach to releasing your content is required, this results in effective Search Engine spidering of all your pages. This when worked along side other marketing approaches (eg. price comparison sites) can yield meaningful returns. If you are serious about finding out what is involved to SELL online give Paul a call on 44 1492 5354393 for free initial discussion.





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Case Study

F. Duckworth & Sons Ltd. are a specialist family-owned tobacconist for pipes, tobacco lighters and smokers sundries. They wanted to expand their business online to sell their products to a much larger audience over the internet ... more



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