Livetech are a responsive, dynamic web development company based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Established in 2000, we are totally focused on providing effective web sites of all kinds, designer developed from our dedicated design studio suite.

How Long will it Take to Build a Site?

Are you done yet?

It all depends on what we are building for you. web sites come in all sorts of flavours, with many differing elements that may be included.


As a general guide, it may be best to let you know how long it took us to design and build the following sites. This will give you an idea of our work rate. It must also be said that the timely receipt of data such as content and imagery from clients is crucial to our meeting their deadlines.
It could be said that this site is not finished yet. This demonstrates the modular approach that can be applied to big projects. What you see in this site so far are 2 phases of work, each taking around a month of development to complete. Further phases of developemtn are ongoing as further features and functionality are requested by the client.

Here we have a North Wales Car Dealer taking advantage of our CarLive software. They supplied us with their logo and gave us a brief of the "look" they were after. we had this site ready to go within 2 days. A couple of hours tuition for them on how to use our system and they were set. They are now confidently advertising their car latest stock to a uge audience.

This brief for this site was to create a stylish classical portrayal of what Dylan has to offer. A lot of time was spent getting the right look and feel of the design. This was coupled with an XHTML CSS layout making sure the site was compliant with the latest accessibility guidelines. Regular appraisals of work done so far were required with Dylan to ensure he was delivered the website he was after. 7 days of development work over the period of 1 month were required to complete this project.


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